The Midland Hotel - Manchester


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Adams PT

What Do You Think? (Voices 21)


Adkin JE

Is a caretaker at Portsmouth Polytechnic

Long Distance (Voices 21)


Adlen Arthur

Pipe fitter from Skelmersdale

Before the Rape (Voices 17)
Ode to Winter (Voices 19)
Jerusalem Phase 2 (28)
Afternoon (28)

Ainley Ben b 1901 d1977

Retired teacher. 50 years active in CP, Teachers' Union and Peace Movement. Present hobby book reviewing for various journals. (1972)

Introductory ... (Voices 1)
Moving and. Bright Days (Voices 1)
Parting (Voices 1)
Introduction (2)
Committee (2)
Desire (2)

In December 1923 (Voices 3)
The Day I Heard that Lenin was Dead (Voices 3)
Editorial (Voices 5)
Editorial (Voices 6)
Fireweed A Review (Voices 6)
Editorial (Voices 7)
Editorial (Voices 8)
Editorial (Voices 9)
Editorial (Voices 10)
Editorial   (Voices 11)
Review of VP Richardson's Poems     (Voices 11)
Voices a financial appeal     (Voices 12)
Editorial   (Voices 14)
Memoirs (Voices 16)

Allen, John

Paper Bag Rag (29)


Allinson Ruth

Comes from Rochdale. She teaches in a Comprehensive school

The Ideal Husband (Voices 21)
Union Street (Review) (28)
High Living (30)
Man of Steel (Review) (30)
A Hackney Memory Chest (Review) (31)

Allsop JI 

Councillor, Chairman Audenshawe Labour Party JP Hobby Allotment gardening

Laking - Yorkshire Holiday (Voices 3)
Was it Yesterday? (Voices 3)

Anderson, Josie
is  a  member  of  Gatehouse's women's writers group.

Old Age (29)
Spring (29)

Andrews, G.P

Last Will and Testament (31)

Archer, Jean

It Don't Go to Your Boots (30)


Armstrong Keith

(a founder-member of Tyneside Poets) is a community worker who lives in Whitley Bay. He writes: "The poem was written a few months ago when Dixie Dean, the famous record-breaking Everton centre-forward, had his leg amputated in an operation." (77)

Bourgeoisie (Voices 8)
The Day the Tory Lights Went Out (Voices 10)
Remember (Voices 9)
Derelict (Voices 9)
This (Voices 11)
Maud Watson, Florist (Voices 13)
Museum of the History of the Revolution (Voices 14)
Cuba, Crocodiles, Rain (Voices 14)
Dixie Dean - Footballer to the Queen (Voices 15)
Geordie Boy Bound (Voices 16)
What've you got in your Briefcase, Mister? (Voices 18)
Yugoslavs at Frankfurt Station (Voices 21)
The Norm Force    (Voices 22)
Notes Towards A Poem On Russia (27)
Don't Say (31)


Arnison Alan

Listen to the Old Men (Voices 6)
Listen to Me (Voices 7)


Arnison Jim

The Hour of the Gnats (Voices 14)


Arrowsmith Pat

(London) is a political campaigner of long standing

Self View (Voices 10)
After an Ultimatum (Voices 9)
You (Voices 13)
Jersey Holiday (Voices 18)


Ashby Henry

Today and Yesterday (Voices 17)


Askell MG     

Communication (Voices 5)
4th November 1974 (Voices 5)

Asquith, Brian
is an ex-miner.

Death of a Young Collier's Wife (28)


Baer Betty

Lives in Watford

Advice from a Big Industrialist to a Worker (Voices 18)


Baker Isabel

Written in Great Happiness (Voices 7)
Thoughts on Death and Dying (Voices 7)
On Seeing a Film of Stalingrad (Voices 7)
The Cold War (Voices 8)
After Hearing a Radio Programme on the German Sailors' Revolt in 1918 at Kiel and Wilhelmshaven (Voices 10)
Portugal 1974     (Voices 12)
Five Years to Live (Voices 14)


Baker Ray

Funny Weather (Voices 11)


Bain Ouaine

Is a young woman who was one of the organisers of the recent successful "Pictures and Pints" event in Glasgow

Sunday Times Photograph (Voices 17)


Balchin Michael

A Week in the Life of Ivan Ivanovitch (Voices 7)
Encounter at London Bridge (Voices 9)
Free Period  (Voices 14)

Barclay, Tommy
is a member of Northern Gay Writers.

Staying In (30)


Barker Les b1947

Born and lives in Manchester. After primary school, Manchester Grammar and BSc (Econ) degree worked in loading bay at Walls, followed by job as clerk at NWEB: finally accountant at Manchester Town Hall. Two books of verse published (Her Majesty's Book and Mrs Ackroyd's Diary) Prefers football to poetry.

Noah's Ark (Voices 8)
In Memorium (Voices 9)
If (Voices 10)
Frightening Quietness (Voices 12)
Manganese Nodules And You (Voices 13)
I'm a Loony (Voices 14)
Where do you go to my Doris? (Voices 15)


Barnes David

(Hackney Writers Workshop) works as a lorry driver

Pete's Misery (Voices 17)
A Day in the Park  (Voices 18)
Long Black Overcoat (24)


Barnes Jimmy

The Bell spews its Evil (Voices 6)
Person with the grace of a tall ship (Voices 6)
Going to Work (Voices 16)


Barnes, Jo

School (27)
Scholarship Boy (27)


Barr Alex b 1940 Manchester

First ambition to be a pilot, second an author, and third to be an astronomer, all proved unattainable, leaving no choice but to become first a bus conductor, second a journalist and third an architect. Married with 2 children. Present job: lecturer at Manchester Poly (1976)

Confucius Was Eating Carrots (Voices 12)


Barrand, Maggie

Your Poem (26)


Barrett Ed

(Scotland Road writers' workshop) is an unemployed Liverpudlian.

I Fought Norman Snow (Voices 15)
Sparring for Luck (Review) (29)

Bartlett, Bill

The Wish (26)


Batchelor Joan
was born and bred in South Wales, where her father was the village policeman. She has had a book of poems, ON THE WILD SIDE, published by Commonword.

I Saw a Sad Man in a Field (Voices 23)
Hymns on Monday (Voices 23)
Buy it? I Wouldn't Take One as a Gift (Voices 23)
Readers' Roundup Review (25)
Death of a Dynasty (26)
The Best Days of Your Life (28)
Strike (30)


Beavis Dickie

"Creeping Paralysis (Voices 17)
The Man on the Hoss at Durham (voices 18)


Benson Ernie

Born and bred in Yorkshire and now lives in Plymouth

Owd Barney (Voices 20)
Eleven v Thirteen (Voices 22)


Best, Katy

The Ballad of Cuthbert Crout  (27)


Bishop Donald

To the Thirties (Voices 19)


Bishop Joe

Born in Manchester. Elementary education to age 14. Member as a schoolboy of Proctor's Gymnasium Club Hulme, later a voluntary worker for the club, finally lifelong honorary member. Main interest walking, particularly round Cheshire, Old Time dancing, literature and, as a life long socialist, in political affairs. (1971)

A Dying Art (Voices 1)
An Idol Without Feet of Clay (2)


Booth Sid

Formerly International Brigader Founder member of the Unity of Arts (1971)

Recollections of the General Strike (Voices 1)


Boyd Phil

(Commonword) writes: "I am 25 and unemployed. I suffered a good middle-class upbringing, went to grammar school in a small country town and then to University where I learnt to dissect literature. I spent a year working in Italy where I got politicised. After leaving University, I came to Manchester to get involved in film and video work in the community. I've written on and off for about ten years but it's really only since going to Common word that I've started writing the things that I want to write, for, hopefully, the people I want to write for."

The Day Andreas Baader Died (Voices 16)
Poem to a Poster of Karl Marx (Voices 17)
Poem to Kieran Nugent (Voices 18)
Bomb Disposal (Voices 19)
Editorial   (Voices 21)
Zimbabwe (Voices 21)
Editorial (25)
Editorial (28)
No Literary Merit (28)

Men (Review) (28)

Breheny John

Epitaph (Voices 17)


Brennan John b1926

Married. Finds writing, listening to music and reading history soothing after the hustle and bustle of a modern airport where he works as a refuelling technician. Interested in Horoscopology

Sounds in the Night (Voices 3)

Brennan, Terri

Weeping Woman (31)
Outside In (31)

Brewer, Rita

Late Dawning (29)


Brown Alan C

Chairman/Secretary of Tyneside Poets is married with two daughters, teaches in comprehensive school and edits "Poetry North East"

The Tyneside Poets (Voices 13)
Ode to Jane Fonda (Voices 14)
Geordies (Voices 15)
News Item (Voices 18)


Brown Richard

No Dawn in Poplar (Voices 23)


Bulkeley Rip

The Welder (Voices 22)


Burge Maureen

Contributor to "Sush Mum's Writing" from Bristol Broadsides Ltd, 110 Cheltenham Rd Bristol 6

The Better Half (Voices 19)
The Wedding Guest (27)
The Gardner (27)


Butler Michael D
is a former worker priest. He has worked as a labourer in France, Portsmouth dockyards and in North Acton.

Productivity Deal (Voices 11)
Car Factory Music (30)


Cadwallender, Kevin

Factory (27)

Cairncross, Cath
is a member of Home Truths, a Commonword workshop.

Before (28)

Carpenter R

Redhill Surrey, is an ex soldier, now a mental nurse

For Freedom (voices 19)


Carr David

Found Poem (Voices 19)

Carroll, Peter

Burden on the State (29)


Casey Mary

(Scotland Road) is a housewife from Cantril Farm overspill estate, Liverpool.

Two Poems by (Voices 17)
Knowhow & Wisdom (Voices 19)
The Class Game (Voices 19)
October Farewell (24)


Casey Paul

Roberts Arundel (Voices 12)



Remembering Vivian Usherwood (24)

Charles, Tony

Bristol Docks (31)

Chesney Tony

The Good Old English Bobby (Voices 19)


Clare Stan
is a member of Netherley Writers.

Violence/Hope Springs Eternal (Voices 23)
Mrs. Newlyrich (28)


Clark Shirley

The Franklin Story (Voices 22)


Clay Ken

Trellie (Voices 5)
A Few Observations about Voices (Voices 5)
Nietzsche's Birthday (Voices 9)
On the Knocker (Voices 15)
Danger: Men At Work (Voices 22)


Clegg Arthur

(Ripon, Yorks) learnt about the problems of poverty, unemployment and colour discrimination in the Cardiff docks area (Tiger Bay) in the 1930s. He has been a political organiser, a journalist and a university lecturer and associated with struggles for peace and against imperialism. He has been writing poetry since 1961.

Cry Soweto (Voices 16)


Clifford J

Photographs (Voices 23)
Liverpool Humour (Voices 23)
Luck (24)
Bomb Site (24)
A poem to mark the Town Hall's centenary (26)


Clinton Norman

(Manchester) is a former steel-worker from Birmingham now out of action with back trouble. (77)

Poet... Failed (Voices 15)


Cloves Jeff

Lives in St Albans where he divides his time between being printer, draughtsman, bicycle builder, journalist and poet

Childhood's End in Soweto (Voices 20)


Cobham David

Song of Marxist-Leninist Intellectual (Voices 12)


Cole Stan

Is an engineer and Manchester District President of the AUEW

Me Medals (Voices 18)
Strike One! (Voices 19)


Cole Sue b1953

Student. Just completed A level course at St Johns College Manchester. Interested in left wing movements. One personal ambition is to have published my own book of verse. (1972)

We Came Crying Hither (Voices 5)
Dawn (Voices 1)
Opening Stanza: "In Death's Dream Kingdom" (Voices 1)

Colley, Ian

Claims (30)

Colley, Mrs C

My Son's Poem (30)


Cooney Bob

Aberdeen. Burns enthusiast. International brigader (1971)

An Auld Man Cam To Heaven's Gate (Voices 1)
For Whom Do You Write? (Voices 17)
"Culture" Sated Freaks (Voices 18)


Cooper Clark John

(born January 25, 1949) is a performance poet from Salford, affectionately known as the Bard of Salford. He is often referred to as a punk poet, having initially achieved recognition in the late 1970s amidst the flourishing punk movement. His recorded output has mainly centred around musical backing from The Invisible Girls, which featured Martin Hannett, Pete Shelley, Bill Nelson and Steve Hopkins.

No, We Don't Like to be Seaside the Seaside (Voices 8)
The Lions of Longleat (Voices 9)
National Dried & All Bran (Voices 9)
For a Nameless Joe            (Voices 12)


Cox, Ailsa

Don't Come Looking Here (Review) (24)
Readers' Roundup Review (25)
The Republic of Letters Review (27)
Marketing (Review) (28)
Pass the Valium Martha (Review) (28)
One Life Is Not Enough (Listing) (28)
Left in the Dark (Listing) (28)
A Far Cry from 1945 (Listing) (28)
Avoiding Institutions (Listing) (28)
Diary of a Divorce (Listing) (28)
Editorial (30)
Orphan in the Hypermarket (30)
Shortlistings (Review) (30)


Crawford Betty

Married 1 daughter 3 grandchildren. Came to Manchester from Glasgow in 1959. Active in TU and Labour Movement. (1972)

Awakening (Voices 5)
Words (Voices 3)



August 1945 (Voices 5)
Time has no Beginning (Voices 7)
Break for a Commercial (Voices 19)

Cuddling, Ripyard

The Rise and Fall of the English Pub (18)


Cullen TM b 1947

Married 1 son. Just finished Teacher Training College and started first teaching job. Writes stories and poetry. Interested in aims of Unity of Arts Society of which he is an active member.

A House in the Morning (Voices 3)


Cummings, Graham

Last Liner (27)


Cummins John

Lives in Altrincham and works as a park groundsman for Manchester City Council

A Groundsman's Plight (voices 21)


Cunningham Joseph

Wrote this poem 25 years ago when, as a miner and active in the union, he felt that he was in opposition to everyone, bosses and workmates. He now works in a park in the open air, as his health deteriorated in the pits.

Reasoning Why (Voices 21)

Cuthbert, Terry
will be known to readers of past issues as Blackie Fortuna.

Text 55 (31)

Daley, Cindy

Ode to a Politician (24)


Dallimore Pat

Is a Bristol housewife.Contributor to "Sush Mum's Writing" from Bristol Broadsides Ltd, 110 Cheltenham Rd Bristol 6

A Bag on the Beach (Voices 19)
A Special Bus Ride (Voices 20)
Reply to Sol Garson (Voices 20)
That Feeling (27)


Damer Sean

Has come through the Army and the building trade to end up as a university lecturer in Manchester

Winnie Be Damned! (Voices 19)
Letters: (Voices 22)


Darlington Andrew b1947

(Ossett, Yorks) is a 30-year-old printer working shifts. He has had "poetry, articles, stories and pictures featured in over 450 publications of varying degrees of obscurity around the world"

Freeway Flier (Voices 7)
Song of the Earth (Voices 12)
A Kind of Achievement (Voices 16)
Gullwake (26)
Decline of the Hull fishing industry seen as a night out with Miriam (26)

Darlington, Chris

Fingerpainting (30)
Extract from Me and Mine (31)
Eyeball Exploder (31)


Darwin Chris

(Scotland Road writers' group, Liverpool) lives in a house overlooking the Mersey. His daughter gave him the idea for the poem-the higher she climbed the more she could see. (77)

The Top Shelf (Voices 15)
Talking to the Wall (Voices 16)
Gran's (28)

Davenport A

Lisa's Song  (Voices 14)


Davis Brian

(London VOICES group) is an expatriate Canadian currently working on a novel. He is the editor of "The Poetry of the Canadian People, 1720- 1920", an anthology of working-class poetry from which the samples are taken. His article is based on his excellent introduction to this book.

Canadian Working.Class Poetry (Voices 15)


Davitt Jack b1924

Born in a Newcastle colliery village and works as a welder at Swan Hunter's Wallsend shipyard where he served his time. Until about 15 years ago he did not keep any of his poems, but then he began to duplicate them and circulate copies to his fellow workers throughout the Tyne shipyards. Aka Ripyard Cuddling

The Truth Aboot the Waall (Voices 16)
Geordie's Bonanza (Voices 16)
The Rise and Fail of the English Pub (Voices 18)


Day Joe b1907

Single. Retired through ill health. Formerly active in Furniture Union and Communist Party. Interested in the struggles of Manchester Furniture Workers in the pre war period (1971)

Autobiographical Chapter (Voices 1)
Wartime in Ford's (2)


Dearle Marjorie

Simon (Voices 11)
The Analytical Ant (Voices 14)


Dixon Bob b1931

Born in Spennymoor, Co. Durham. Got quite high up educational ladder but has almost found his way back to earth again. Now an English lecturer in a teachers' training college.

Agitpoem No. 8 - Bromley (Voices 4)
Leave Me Alone. (Voices 4)
Portrait of an Economy (Voices 4)
Ideas (Voices 4)
God Can't Care, Really (Voices 5)
Death-Bed (Voices 5)
Eyes (Voices 5)
Black and White (Voices 5)
Agitproletpoem (Voices 7)
Agitpoem No. 22 for BBC Careless Silence Costs Lives (Voices 11)
Academic Bored    (Voices 12)
Agitpoem no. 24 (Voices 21)
Shoot-Out on Little Earth (24)


Doyle, Denise

Children in the Kitchen (27)


Doyle Mick

Former bus driver turned insurance agent. Liverpool

Reincarnation (Voices 6)
1976  (Voices 11)
Running Early (Voices 17)


Drysdale Bob

(Common word Writers' Workshop, Manchester) is a welder and lives in Stocknort

A Start in Life (Voices 18)


Duffin, Patricia

Breaking the Silence (24)


Duquet Rich

Not Wanting to Fuck (voices 21)


Durkin Tom

London Voices Group is chairman of Brent Trades Council (77)

Trico (Voices 15)
The Tunnel Miners' Deaths (Voices 17)
How I Became a Shop Steward (30)


Eburn Bill

Boy messenger, postman, civil servant. POW in far East. A late developer - member of Derek Stanford's poetry class at the City Lit. London. Trade Unionist. Optimist - still hopes to be around when the gates of folly fall. Now retired.     

(London VOICES Group) is a former boy-messenger, postman, civil servant and trade unionist, now retired. As a prisoner-of-war in the hands of the Japanese, he found himself put to work down a coal-mine.

For Better or For Worse (Voices 5)
The Name of the Game (Voices 6)
Comment on Ken Clay's article (Voices 6)
Last Rites (Voices 6)
O My Brothers (Voices 7)
Mixture as Before (Voices 7)
The Left were always Right (Voices 7)
Mutual Aid (Voices 7)
Deterrent (Voices 8)
Highgate Cemetery (Voices 8)
The Moth (Voices 8)
The Loner (Voices 9)
Success Story (Voices 10)
Poet at Work (Voices 10)
The Irreconcilable. (Voices 10)
In Defence of T.S. Eliot (Voices 10)
Adam & Eve & Pinch-Me (Voices 11)
On Guard (Voices 12)
After You (Voices 13)
Rush Hour (Voices 13)
Absent Friends (Voices 13)
Pie in the Sky (Voices 15)
The Last Word (Voices 15)
The Price of Coal (Voices 16)
The Dear Departed (Voices 16)
Those Were The Days (Voices 17)
Chewing Point (Four letter words) (Voices 17)
Inheritance (Voices 17)
Rising Tide (Voices 17)
Captive Audience (voices 18)
Principles of Art (Voices 18)
Voices (Voices 18)
Poet (Voices 18)
Me Too!     (Voices 19)
Free Speech (Voices 19)
Parted (Voices 22)
The Future is Ours (Voices 23)
Thought for Today (25)
To Japan (29)

Edge, Beth

The Job Centre (29)

Edwards Alf b 1933

Single. Warehouseman. Amateur photographer. Likes to have a go at anything: oil painting, writing, joinery, home decoration. Intellectually incurably inquisitive.

Missin' The Clubman (2)
A Serenade (Voices 3)
On An Abandoned Garden  (Voices 4)


Farrell Brendan

Is deputy head of a Junior school. He lives in Middleton Manchester and is married with two cowboys and an indian. He lists his hobbies as reading, writing and torturing an innocent guitar.

Summer in the Fifties (voices 21)


Farrow Pete

Manchester - is a hospital worker and folk singer

Lord Street Revisited (Voices 18)

Fazackeley, Anne

I've Heard It (31)


Ferns Michael

Man in Winter (Voices 6)
The Silly Bloody Working Class (Voices 6)
Captain Ned (Voices 7)
Poor Albert (Voices 9)


Fletcher Robert

An Appeal   ... (Voices 1)

Flood, Sally
is a member of Basement Writers who have published two collections of her poems, "Paper Talk’ & 'A Window on Brick Lane’.

A Wet Sunday in May (28)
Where is the Sun (29)


Ford Connie M

The Road to Baracoa (Voices 10)
Splintering (Voices 8)
Meditation in a Folk Club  (Voices 9)

Ford, Stella

Where Will It Lead (30)

Foreman, Dick

SW News (Letter) (30)


Fortuna Blackie

Black writer who lives on a council estate in Oxford

Snowdrop Man      (Voices 19)
City Shitfathers (Voices 21)
Rhondda Dawn (Voices 22)
False Reward (Voices 23)


Frame Colin b1945

Has studied music but never worked as a professional musician. Began writing 1971. Admires Henry Miller. (1972)

Tonight we will see the Dream-Drenched Drunks (Voices 5)
Celluloid Tears (Voices 3)
Three Poems (Voices 3)
Whatcha Mean (Voices 4)
I am Sorry for Them (Voices 4)


Francis Arthur

Tonbridge Kent - is a long term member of the T&GWU and Labour Party. He has served on the Dover Council.

Down the Old Kent Road  (Voices 12)
Nice Occasion, Sam (Voices 21)


Franco Roberto

Is a 24 year old Brazilian metalworker. His story, first published in "Movimento" is translated by Diana Birkbeck. He says "I write about things which are problems of my people, things I see and experience too...This is why I like to write, because it might help to throw some light on something"

'S Empty (Voices 20)


Friedman Rose

First generation Jew, born in Cheetham Hill area of Manchester. Founder member of now defunct Kersal Jewish Discussion Circle formed to combat root causes of fascism. Regards trade union movement as 8th wonder of world, and highly sensitive to organised attempts to nullify its powers. Has written about 40 poems.

I describe myself as a first generation Jew, my father having come to England from Imperialist Russia. I was born in the heart of the Cheetham Hill district and spent my earlier formative years in the Cheetham Hill and Strangeways, Manchester area. My values are geared to Marxist principles. I was a founder member of the now defunct "Kersal Jewish Discussion Circle". I have written about 40 poems, but I now find that my style of presentation differs greatly from my earlier work-although the moral contents remains the same.

Green Toilet Rolls to Match my Bathroom Tiles (Voices 4)
Nickname on a War Memorial (Voices 5)
The Christmas Present (Voices 6)
War Maimed Girl at a Dance (Voices 6)
Epitaph For Maggie (Voices 8)
Practitioner in Emancipation (Voices 11)
Talking Points (Voices 12)
Natural Rhythm (Voices 13)
Fuel / Passive Pity (Voices 20)


Froom AG

On Winter's Highway (Voices 6)


Froom Winifred

Found life as shorthand typist unsatisfying. Came to Liverpool 1958 to train as nurse. Never got away Life in Liverpool only served to underline social injustice. Sees socialism as only answer.

Being an Improbable Conversation overheard through the half-open door to a Premature Baby Unit (Voices 4)
All Awry in Paradise (Voices 5)
Comment on Ken Clay's article (Voices 6)
Drama Now (Voices 6)
Children's Corner: Would it Matter? (Voices 17)


Frost Jack

My brother was writing this verse over a period of forty years, inspired during the years from 1920 to 1961, moved by the hardship and suffering in the days of depression.

He was a man with a strong sense of humour and a ready wit, but also a sense of pathos. He reached the heights of experience and emotion but also suffered and was engulfed many times in the depth of depression because of lack of appreciation of his ideals.

But he was a Marxist and Communist. Such philosophy enabled him to climb out of his sadness and fight in rebellion against a system which created conditions of frustration.

He was an artist in every sense. Despite having many friends, he was essentially lonely, restless because he was forced to earn his living as a Grocer. Instead of training in Art School he could only give expression to his talents by being moved around various branches of his firm, in demand for window dressing, sign and ticket writing.

However, any person reading this collection of his verse will I am sure have some deep feeling and some understanding of the kind of man Jack Frost was.

He died tragically from lung cancer at the age of 56.

A Tribute to Jack Frost (Voices 17)
Regets (17)
Rainy Manchester 17)
Progress (17)
An Appeal (17)


Frow Ruth & Eddie

Ruth is Deputy Head of a school; Eddie retired A.U.E.W. District Secretary. Have collaborated in the production of many historical articles for workers' papers, and published several books including "1868, Year of the Unions" CE. Frow in collaboration with M. Katankai), "The Half Time System in Education" (Ruth and Eddie Frow), "Strikes" (in collaboration with M. Katankai). They are now engaged on a history of the Shop Stewards' Movement.

Book Collecting (2)
Benjamin Stott 1813-1850 (Voices 4)
Written on International Women's Day (Voices 5)
Shelley's Socialism (Voices 21)


Fuller Harry

Is 75 years of age and lives near Burnley

A Lancashire Man Remembers (Voices 20)


Fuller Ken

End of the Line (Voices 7)
The Fugitive (Voices 8)
The Occupation (Voices 13)


Gallagher Dierdre

Some Day (Voices 21)


Garnett Jim b1896

Worked in cotton mills since being 12 years old. Life member of weavers union. Trustee and auditor of Rossendale branch. Interests - furtherance of TU and working class politics. (1972)

Rossendale Weavers Union Women Members (Voices 5)
Rope and Birch (Voices 3)
Blaming the Woman (Voices 3)
A Good Woman (Voices 3)


Garson Sol

Convinced that the shock of his birth killed Lenin, he has tried to make amends since. The only test he passed was that of being alive (by crying) and expects to disprove even that eventually with a little help from his friends Wills and Gallagher (1971) Married 2 children. Glassworker. Writes paints and sculpts (1972)
Born 1923 to a small family of some few hundred millions. Some think they are in a class of their own. But we'll sort them out soon, eh Wallaloo? 1973?
Wallalleigh - somali for brother, Wallalshigh - somali for sister, Wallaloo - somali for brother and sister.

Why I Don't Write (Voices 1)
At The Popular Café (Voices 1)
1.  On Seeing the Pithead at Aberfan (2)
2.  1 Million Plus 1 (2)
3.  The Magindovid (2)

Black man, White girl. (Voices 3)
Some of our Best Men Went to Spain (Voices 3)
Chile (Voices 4)
Random Thoughts on a One Man Show (Voices 14)
"Chewing Point (Voices 20)

Gaukrojer, Sue
is a member of the Gynerate Collective of women writers. She is also part of a publishing project involving old people in the village where she lives near Stoke On Trent.

One of Us (29)

Gebbett, Anne

The Sisters (25)


Gibson Christine

War (Voices 8)

Gilbey, Alan

Driving Over Paddies (29)
Have a Meat Pie (29)


Gilliver, Cath

Once Upon a Time (25)


Gordon Alec

Money on the Brain (Voices 12)

Gosney, Maurice

Meat Sandwich (31)

Govier Katherine

Do You Like My Hair? (Voices 21)


Gowling John

City Boy/Brown Baby (Voices 5)
To a Lancashire United Bus (Voices 5)
Why Do I Steal Cars? (Voices 18)
The Psychiatric Unit (Voices 19)
The Moss (Voices 21)
Editorial (24)
American Worker Writer Reviews (24)
Readers' Roundup Review (25)
Bad News (27)
Northern Gay Writers (28)
Why Change (30)
Write About It (Letter) (31)


Gwilt Rick b 1950

Building labourer. Various jobs - docker, warehouseman, groundsman, fruit picker, dishwasher, translator, fork lift truck driver. Very widely travelled - Havana, acapulco, New Orleas, Montreal, Stockholm, Berlin, Jerusalem, Baghdad, tehran, New Delhi etc.

"26. Communist. Former Manchester building trade unionist. Still member T&GWU. Now at Lancaster University studying Working-Class and Socialist Writing under David Craig. Writes/translates/directs plays. Fluent in French/German/Spanish. Captain of university athletics team, runs for Stretford AC, interested in history of sport." (Joint Editor of Voices -76)

On Returning Home After a Long Absence (2)
Woman (2)

Ssshh! (Voices 3)
Huston, Texas (Voices 3)
Note Passed in an Empty Lecture Hall (Voices 3)
Legend of Xanadu (Voices 3)
Poem for a Girl from Africa (Voices 4)
New Sounds from Motown (Voices 4)
Tribute to a Union Man (Voices 8)
The Solution Trans of Brecht (Voices 11)
In Praise of Learning Trans of Brecht (Voices 13)
Iry (Voices 13)
Editorial   (Voices 14)
Bird on the Wire (Voices 14)
Editorial   (Voices 15)
The New United (Voices 16)
Editorial   (Voices 16)
Editorial   (Voices 17)
Hello, Are you working? A Review (Voices 17)
Editorial   .(Voices 18)
Sleeping Dogs (voices 18)
Editorial (Voices 20)
To Sir Anthony Blunt (Voices 21)
Editorial   (Voices 22)
Reader's Roundup (Review) (Voices 23)
Slices of Life (Review) (24)
Editorial (26)
Zurich Worker Writers Review (26)
Fun at Finefare Review (26)


Hamblett John

Hello you walrus faced bastard (Voices 9)


Hamburger, Robert
is a member of Basement Writers.

Honeymoon - Logal Rock (27)


Handley Martyn

Quebrada (Voices 10)
Prophecy of Revolution (Voices 8)
The Good Christian   (Voices 12)

Hanlon, Dierdre
is a student on a Second Chance To Learn course. This is one of her first poems.

Gis a Tissue (28)


Harcup Tony

Factory Boy (Voices 6)
Oppression ... (Voices 6)
Love Poem (Voices 7)
No Ball Games Allowed   (Voices 11)


Hargreaves C

To Peace (Voices 8)
Further comments on "In Defence of T.S. Eliot" (Voices 11)


Harris Christopher

(Scotland Road Writers' Group) comes from a working-class background and is currently a probationer mental nurse.

Culture for the Workers (Voices 16)

Harrison, Bleu
lives in London. A Florida Fernery is the product of time spent in 1980 travelling through the Southern States of America.

A Florida Fernery (29)


Hartley Ray

Double Meaning (Voices 8)


Hatton Ethel b 1919

Married 2 children. Formerly a cotton worker. Interested in the advancement of working class ideas and a better future for the children (1971)

Our Neighbours . (Voices 1)
If you Want to Get Ahead Get a Hat (2)
A Visit to Belle Vue (Voices 3)


Hauxwell, Jonathon

Amidst Smoke and Curses (27)


Haviland Mark

Thank You! (Voices 23)

Hayton, Alan
book of poetry, FAR CRY FROM 1945, is published by Pertinent Publications, Scotland.

Hey! (31)

Hazelton Fran

Born and bred in London in a politically conscious working class family. Went to Oxford, took degree in social sciences. A teacher in London, Dublin, Belfast, now lives in he new town of Craigavon, County Armagh

The Headache (Voices 10)
A State of Affairs      (Voices 11)
Real People (Voices 12)
Railway Bridge Verse  (Voices 14)

Heaton, Tracie
is 19, unemployed, and a member of Old Swan Writers Workshop.

Just Another Day (28)


Hensman, Savitri

The Song of the Wheel (26)


Herdman Brian

November Poems - 1 (Voices 8)


Hickey, Laureen

Shahida (25)


Hill BJ b1905

The General Strike (Voices 19)


Hogan, Mick

Epitaph for Two Angels (24)

Holt, Carl

Babylon Station (30)

Homewood, JB

16 Pence Per Person Per Trip (26)


Horne Alfred Malcolm b 1944

Married 2 children Sara nd Jonathan. Fitter and shop steward AEU. Vickers (shipbuilding) Barrow. Secretary Barrow branch CP. Delegate to TU council. Enjoys struggling to bring up a family, struggling for socialism and struggling with a pint. (1973)

The Escape (Voices 3)
Arrival in Bowness (Voices 3)
Tomorrow was Yesterday Back to Front. (Voices 3)
Perspective (Voices 3)
The 7.23 Omnibus (Voices 3)
Redundant Iron Works: Millom (Voices 4)
Dawn Chorus (Voices 4)
Me (Voices 4)
Next Time (Voices 5)
The Shipyard Cranes (Voices 5)
Winters Beach (Voices 5)
The Quiet Black (Voices 6)
North Scale's Winter (Voices 6)
Father Crisp Sell (Voices 6)
The Journey (Voices 7)
The Nine O Clock Brew (Voices 16)

Horseman, Kathleen
is a member of Bristol Broadsides.

Not Expecting Miracles (Review) (28)
Grampy (Review) (30)
Fifteen Miles from Greenham (31)


Hosey John

John William Hosey (Sean) (Voices 9)

Howell, Rosalin

Fool (29)


Hughes Dominique b1949

Married 1 daughter. French. Came to England as student from paris Sorbonne. Has taught in Morocco, France and now England (1973)

The Gherkin (Voices 3)
Exile (Voices 7)


Hughes Ron b 1940

Married 2 children Ex Mercantile Service. Whilst in building trade helped to found the Building Workers Form and BW Charter. President of the AUBTW. Now at Teacher Training College

The Picket (Voices 3)
Rose and Life (Voices 3)


Hunt Vincent William

Is a blacksmith by trade, now works as a technician and lives in Sunderland

Shift Worker's Lament (Voices 19)

Hutchins, Dave
is a maintenance fitter in a chemical factory in Speke.

Stop a While (28)


Idris Yusuf

The Bearer of Chairs (Voices 7)


Ironmonger Alf
is an ex merchant seaman and steel erector. He started writing after he finished work, following an industrial accident. He's been a member of Common-word for five years, and serves on the executive of the Federation of Worker Writers. 4 Community

The Cock Fight (Voices 23)
Teaboy's Revenge (27)
Death of the Hoboes (30)


Irving Victor

Is blind, and an ex miner

The Last Shift (Voices 19)

Isaac, Julia

The Asian (30)


Jamieson A

Saving Face (Voices 6)
R.N.A.D. Beith (Voices 7)

Jenkins, Martin

Falling Out of Love (29)
Letter on Phil Boyd's Article (29)


Jenkins Mick b1904

One time delegate Manchester & Salford Trades Council and Shop Steward. Active in YCL and CP since 1923. Author of "Fredrick Engels in Manchester" and "George Brown, Portrait of a Communist Leader". Now doing research into the General Strike of 1842 and a little writing. Married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Solid Gleaming Coal (Voices 4)
A Book at Bedtime (Voices 5)

Jenkins, Mike
comes from Merthr Tydfil where he hopes to start a writers groups for unemployed people. He lived for a year in Northern Ireland.

Road Block (28)
Empire of Smoke (31)


Jenkins Syd

(Manchester) was for many members an active member of the ETU. His brother Mick was always the writer in the family, but since Syd's retirement he has been studying English at his local college of adult education. These recollections of his youth represent his first attempt at creative writing and, although Syd has been a reader of VOICES since it started, this piece only emerged through Common-word, originally as an anonymous piece of writing until the author was traced.

Reading About Life (Voices 16)


Jennings Doris

Is a school kitchen supervisory assistant in Bromsgrove

Save Our School Meals Battle Cry (voices 21)


Johnson Anne F

Heritage    (Voices 11)

Johnson, Anne
is one of the original members of the Commonplace Workshop in Ealing.

The Widow of a Famous Man (28)
Not Primarily (30)

Jones Eric

Is a nursing assistant in a hospital for the mentally handicapped in Scotland

Aspects of Lunacy (voices 21)


Jones Keith Lloyd

Elegy (Voices 6)
Building Site (Voices 7)
Love Song (Voices 7)

Jones, Marjorie
Old Swan, has just completed a New Opportunities for Women Course, after working as a dinner lady, for a pools firm, and running a charity shop.

Mass Unemployment & Mothers in Liverpool (28)


Jones Winston

Is a schoolboy from Moss Side Manchester. He wrote this when he was 11

The Skateboard Kid (Voices 20)

Judge, Kathleen

Sunday Morning (30)


Kay J

Hearts of Stone   (Voices 11)


Keane John

London Voices Group

Inch by Inch (Voices 21)

Kearney, Mike

Write About It (Review) (29)

Kearney, Peter

Letter (31)


Kearns G Mrs

Is a cook in St Helens

The Cossie (Voices 21)


Kelly, Terence

Maker (24)


Kessel David b1945

Married with 1 son. Has lived in Poplar for 2 years since moving from Hampstead. Training to be a G.P. Interests: poetry, walking and discussing philosophy. Hopes one day to make a serious study of Christopher Caudwell. Is an active Communist Party member.

Glass is Dynamite (Voices 4)
Chile (Voices 4)
Song of Soho  (Voices 7)
For Desmond Trotter (Voices 10)


Kessell Peggy

Crantock Beach (Voices 12)


Kilmurray, Avila

Seen at Divis (26)


King Robert

Saturday's Savings (Voices 9)
Dic (10)


Koziol John

(Commonword writers' workshop) writes: "My parents always prided themselves on prompt payment of the rent. Like scrubbing the step. In 1972, with other council tenants across the country, they refused to pay an increase imposed under the Housing Finance Act. In arrears for the first time in their lives, the record stood against them when they applied for a badly-needed transfer. "John lives on Partington overspill estate near Manchester. (77)

JK grew up in Partington, a Manchester overspill area. After leaving school, he worked for three years in a margarine factory and has just finished a year on a job creation project. "Most of my writing comes. from being involved in Commonword-before that I messed around with bad science fiction and diabolical song lyrics."

Rent Strike (voices 15)
Fish in the Grass (Voices 16)
Hordern Miners' Riot (Review) (31)


Labinjoh Bolaji

Harlem Portraits (Voices 21)


Lane Patrick

Surgeon who Lost Son Indicts Killers (Voices 5)


Learwood, Sue

Virgil's Enid (25)


Leavers Jim b 1948

Married 1 son. General labourer, paints in oils, sketches, writes prose and poetry

Two Poems.. (Voices 1)
Three Poems (2)


Lee Derek b1930

(Beverly, Yorks) is the son of a miner who left school at 14 back in 1944 and after a variety of jobs, including 3 years as a merchant seaman, has ended up as a lecturer in English Literature. (77)

Two Minutes (Voices 15)
Tea Break At Blakey's (Voices 16)


Leff Vera

Pollution (Voices 8)
Strange Grafitti (Voices 9)

Leigh, Debbie

National Service (29)


Leslie Vivien b1948

Family moved from Devonshire to Scotland 1962. Trained as Display Artist but after several poorly paid jobs, took employment in an electronics factory. Currently at home with a one year old son. Finds time for a bit of writing and reading and intends to complete education (1973)

(Galloway, Scotland) who was working in an electronics factory in Edinburgh when she first wrote for VOICES a few years ago, is now bringing up a family out in the country. "I grow lots of vegetables and fruit, sew and bake without feeling I'm betraying my sex, and I try to keep writing's (1977)

Electronics Factory (Voices 3) 
"Children" and Children (Voices 4)
The Unmarried Mother-A Personal Experience (Voices 5)
Harry the Tick Man (Voices 6)
A Matter of Opinion (Voices 6)
The Chapel (Voices 7)
Try on a Hypothesis (Voices 7)
Euthanasia (Voices 8)
Biscuits (Voices 8)
Old Albert (Voices 9)
The Parting (Voices 10)
The Potty and the Puddin'     (Voices 16)
Impregnation (Voices 16)
The Clinic (Voices 19)
Bronchitis Mk. II (Voices 20)
Betty (Voices 21)
The Hatpin (Voices 23)
Ante-Natal People (25)
The Milk Run (26)


Lester Paul

The Place where Suitcases Happen to Explode (Voices 7)


Lilley Ken

Engineer. Interested especially in the history of the Labour and Trade Union movement (particularly in the Engineers) in Gorton and Openshaw.

A Very Special Brew (Voices 5)

Linton, Alice
was born in Hoxton in 1908. 'Not Expecting Miracles'a, her autobiography, from which this extract was taken, is reviewed on page 31 of VOICES.(28)

The National Hospital (28)


Little Bob

The Dog (Voices 22)
Old Man at the Bus Stop (22)
Time to Wait (22)
When You Get Your Degree (22)

Lockwood, Dai

Dead News (26)


Lopez Juan Antonio

Street Theatre in Brookhouse (Voices 14)


Lowes Dick

Lives in Newcastle-on-Tyne

The Ballad of Ernie the Fitter (Voices 20)
Kippors     (Voices 23)


Lowrie A Mrs

Is a State Enrolled nurse working at Cherry Knowle Hospital Ryhope, Tyne and Wear

Sweet Cherry (voices 21)

Lydon, F

School (29)

Lynch, Mike

Mummy I Want That One (31)

Lyons B

Is a park keeper in Hove

Waiting (voices 21)


McCartney, Richard

Edgbaston Reservoir (24)


McCulloch, James

was born in Ayrshire. He lives in Glasgow where he has worked as a postman, in an animal house, and as a lab technician.

This Side of the Fence (28)

McDonald, Iain

The Light of Experience (28)


McFarlane J

The Gun (Voices 6)
Waiting for the Train (Voices 7)


McGee F

The Two Johns     (Voices 11)


McGovern Jimmy b 1949

is a BAFTA award-winning English television scriptwriter from Liverpool. He is particularly known for writing powerful and thought-provoking dramas often based around hard-hitting social issues or controversial real-life events.
McGovern started his career working on Channel 4's social-realist soap opera Brookside in 1982, tackling many social issues such as unemployment.
In 1993, he created the drama serial Cracker about the work of a criminal psychologist played by Robbie Coltrane. Made by Granada Television and screened on ITV, the series was a phenomenal critical and popular success.

(Scotland Road writers' workshop, Liverpool) comes from a large working-class Catholic family, and is now studying in hopes of becoming a teacher in a working-class area. (1977)
was brought up on a high-rise council estate in Liverpool known as Crosby Height.
He fell into the hands of Jesuit priests when he was about six, excaped when he was sixteen, and now, thirteen years later, he is just recovering from his ordeal

Whatever Happened to the Good Samaritan?  (Voices 15)
Good Old Albie (Voices 16)
The Day of the Rat (Voices 17)
Confession: 1958 (Voices 20)
Mad Man Sam (Voices 21)
Feminist Groups (25)
What a Piece of Work is Man (28)


McIlvern Roy

Chewing Point Four Letter Words (Voices 16)


McKensie Val

(Common word Writers' Workshop, Manchester) is a black schoolgirl who wrote this poem when she was 14.

One Voice, Many Voices (Voices 18)

McLennan, Tom
is a member of Liverpool 8

Mr Claus (28)
Skydodge (29)

McNee, Steven

Cancer Room (31)
Clouds (31)

McNeil Frances

Moving On   (Voices 12)


MacVeigh CJ

Boys & Girls Come out to Play (Voices 5)
Birdsong (Voices 7)
Manifesto (Voices 9)
Credo (Voices 12)


Mace, Jane

Just My Luck Review (26)


Magor Victor

Works on a mushroom farm in West Sussex

Factory Floor Poem No. 2 (Voices 19)


Maher Dennis b1941

Married 2 children. Active in TU and Labour movement. Vice President Manchester branch AEUW (constructional section) Interests literature, music, sport. Firmly believes that the heights of literature, culture and education can only be achieved with the participation of the working people (1971)

Home (Voices 1)
A Tribute to Jack Coward (Voices 1)
Poem (Voices 1)
Tribute to George Jackson (2)
Stranger in Vietnam (2)

Life is for Living (Voices 3)


Mandi F

Schoolchild from Newcastle-on-Tyne

The Maths Exam (Voices 20)


Marchant Tony

The Ritual (Voices 22)
Boy Dancer (Voices 23)

Mars, Angela

Wha' Happen Black Girl? (31)

Matthews Joy

Godalming Surrey. Is a housewife and grandmother who left school at 14 and also works as a cleaner

Dog Days (Voices 17)
Point of View (Voices 18)

May, Sue
is a member of Hackney Writers

The Orange (29)
Vauxhall Bridge (30)


Meredith Ralph

The Search (voices 23)

Merry, Robert

My Police (30)

Mills Roger

Hackney Writers' Workshop - is one of the younger generation of writers that has grown up in and around Stepney

The First Million Pound Pools Winner (Voices 18)
The Movers (Voices 23)
Through the Mangle (Editorial) (31)


Mitchell Roger

Someone's Worn this Thing Before (Voices 10)
Start (8)


Monaghan Terence

"Selling Yourself" (Voices 17)


Monaghan PJ

Thrush at Long Kesh  (Voices 7)


Money Alf

Lost Echoes (Voices 23)
Redundant (Voices 23)
The Harvester (24)
Pension Day (31)


Mooney Claire

The Concrete Ground (Voices 18)


Moore Francis b1913

Married 3 children, 5 grandchildren. Teacher active in NUT and Communist Party. No time to write but has to, and is kept up to it by the response of the non-literary audiences to which she manages to read sometimes. (1972)

Action (Voices 1)
Industrial Strife (Voices 1)
Industrial Worker (2)
Epitaph for a Bitch (Voices 3)
Magnolia (Voices 3)
Discrimination (Voices 3)
Blues (Voices 5)
Comment on Ken Clay's article (Voices 6)
Woman's Paper (Voices 6)
Promise (Voices 6)
Declaration (Voices 7)
Suspense  (Voices 7)
Approach to Work (Voices 7)
Woman's Question (Voices 9)
A Sheffield Woman looks at Hugh McDiarmid (Voices 10)
Floor Show (Voices 11)
On a Lowry Picture            (Voices 12)
Comment on a Scorner of Mechanisation (voices 13)
Division (Voices 17)
Poverty Skills (Voices 18)
Four Letter Words (Voices 18)
Cartoon for the Labour Movement (Voices 22)


Moore Robert

No Flowers in May (Voices 5)
It passed on by (Voices 9)

Moos, Lotte

Letter: Not Interesting (28)
Myth & Reality (Letter) (30)


Morgan Fanny b 1912

Elementary education till 14. Always active (1971)

O.T.M.S. (Voices 1)
Further Education (Voices 1)
Sans Almost Everything (2)
Onomatopoeia (Voices 3)


Morgan Frank b1905

Elementary education till 13 years of age. Joined ETU 1930, became full time official 1948 till retirement. Always active in working class movement (1971)

The Glass Works (Voices 1)


Morris Jim

Lives in Wallasey

Going Into Hospital (Voices 20)


Morrison Ted b1932

Married one daughter. Plumber self-employed. The struggle to rise gently above a frugal existence, the patching of a threadbare education and efforts to write have regrettably left no time for political activities (1971)

Suburban Automatism (Voices 1)
The Silent Bird. (Voices 1)
The Violent Universe (Voices 1)
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (2)
Moon Laughter (2)

What Voices is all about (Voices 3)
A Fable (Voices 3)
Introduction (Voices 4)
Letter (Voices 15)
Chewing Point Four Letter Words (Voices 16)

Mullen, John

Is the Music to Blame (30)


Murphy Julie

Married. Two teenage daughters and a son. Schoolteacher. Life long member of CP.

Holloway Prison (3)


Natt, Maureen

Day Of Rest (27)


Norris, Bruce

Street Games (26)


O'Broonlea Jone

Win with Labour (Voices 5)
Rue (Voices 5)
Black Sheep (Voices 5)
Luvin' Tally (Voices 5)
Turning Point (Voices 6)
Pace t'Egg (Voices 7)
Durch den Kamin (Voices 10)
Rainbow (Voices 10)
'Er That Nattle   (Voices 12)
Double Deal (Voices 12)
Foretaste (Voices 14)
Marxist-Leninist (Voices 14)


O'Connor Rod

Is a joiner who has travelled around the U.S.A. and Europe. Enjoys any type of music; is a song writer and guitarist and

his ambition is to make an L.P.

The Building Workers Song (Voices 4)


O'Connor Rosslyn

The Housewife (Voices 6)


O'Donnell Vincent b1903

Volunteered for service in the Abraham Lincoln batallion under Commander Merryman and was accepted by the International Brigade at Albacete 1937. Captured by Mussolini's Black Arrows near the river Ebro interned at san Pedro de Cardena for 12 months before repatriation now retired. (1971)

The Freedom of Reason. (Voices 1)

O'Gorman, Pat

There's a Fog Over Liverpool (29)

O'Reilly, Maria
is a member of Netherley Writers-

They Bate Us For Years (28)


O'Rourke, Rebecca

Don't Come Looking Here (25)
Letter on Kathleen Horseman's Review (29)
Class (31)
Marshall's Big Score (Review) (31)


Oliver, Ron

The Pit's Closed (27)

Okoro, Elaine
is a member of Commonword Northern Gay Writers.

The Hand That Feeds (30)

Otoo Kevin

Mad Johnny (Voices 22)


Oxford Gillian

Fire & Brimstone (Voices 8)
Letters: (Voices 22)
Hometruths Review (26)
After the Election (review) (31)

Parker Frank b 1926

Married 2 daughters, 2 grandsons. Mechanical fitter. Shaop steward AUEW. Left school 1940. Ambition to have all my plays produced, and also an opera. (1973)

Pete (Voices 1)
1967 (Voices 1)
The Boy (2)
Communication (2)

Plain Pain in '73 (Voices 3)
A Greek Tragedy (Voices 4)
Brown Windsor Soup (Voices 5)
The Man who moved Mountains (Voices 10)
Psyche      (Voices 11)
Beauty & the Beast (Voices 12)


Parkinson Annie

Lives in Leeds

We Have All Met Her (Voices 21)


Peacock Ralph

(Scotland Road) is a shop steward at KME workers' co-operative (formerly Fisher-Bendix), Kirkby, Liverpool. 

He Never Complained  (Voices 17)
A Pair of Kings (Voices 17)


Pendragon, Mrs M

Matchless (25)


Pentelow Mike

Friday Night is Music Night  (Voices 9)


Perry Ron

Lives in NW London

Voices (Voices 18)


Pickles, RJ

Granny (24)
Witches (24)


Piggot Paul E

Alan Brown, who has published quite a lot of my writings, has suggested that I submit to your publication. I do so now, if not for the obvious reason; it might help to define your 'thorny question' What is working-class writing?"

I am a regular soldier. Have been for thirty odd years. Started as boy soldier and now I'm a major. I graft with great pride in my profession not for reasons 'loyal and blue' but because there is no better social fraternity than this service. The loyalty and camaraderie, the sense of purpose and pride in our 'business' is something we are losing rapidly in some walks of life. One day, when our opinions and concern is represented, others may come to understand.

Frankly I don't believe that anyone much cares about us unless they are in the shit. Oh I'm a worker alright and so is any soldier worthy of his shilling.

You will not simplify me when I'm dead (Voices 17)

Pole, Dave

Write About It (Letter) (30)


Pooley Jean

A Matter of Temperature (Voices 10)
Tomorrow' Notebook (Voices 10)
The Magic Medicine (Voices 9)


Poulsen Charles b1911

(London VOICES Group) was born in Stepney Green in 1911, into a Jewish family well within the lower-income bracket. He was educated at Old Montague Street Elementary School which he left before he was fourteen. After a number of "boys" jobs, he became a fur nailer, with alternate periods of overwork and unemployment. Tiring of this, he passed the Knowledge of London Tests and became a taxi-driver in 1935. Throughout the Second World War he was in the Fire Service in London and East Anglia, and in the Overseas Column of the NFS in Europe. Under active service conditions he wrote 'English Episode", a novel based on the Peasant Revolt in 1381. Publlshed in 1946, it was afterwards made into a play for Unity Theatre by the author.

Following demobilisation Charles worked for some years as an editorial assistant, sub-editor and staff writer on several encyclopaedias and works of popular education, but in 1950 returned thankfully to the relative sanity and security of the cab trade. He also teaches London History and Appreciation at evening classes.

Whitechapel Spring (Voices 16)

Powell, Elaine

Sexuality (28)


Price, Ceri

The Initiation (25)


Prior Alan

Remember your Kerb Drill (Voices 6)
If Things Go on as They Are (Voices 6)


Rankin, Janine

The Aunties' House (26)

Ravenscroft, Doreen

Persecuted Woman (29)

Ray, Paul

Alienation Review (28)


Reed Ian E b1944

Unskilled worker (unemployed). Booted out of the army (for obvious reasons). Communist - main interests: literature, mainly poetry, music and world affairs. Writing poetry for ten years.

A Matter of Form (Voices 4)
The Lost, the Losers and the Lame (Voices 4)
Pablo Neruda (Voices 5)
Comment on Ken Clay's article (Voices 6)
Poetry - Where are You Now? (Voices 6)
The Dancer of Death (Voices 6)
Thunder  (Voices 7)
Man (Voices 7)
Old Bill. (Voices 8)
'Why Carry Bricks?" (Voices 8)
Santiago Sunshine (Voices 9)
Loneliness (Voices 10)


Relph Peter

Merchant seaman

Xmas Day (Voices 7)
Life's Like That (Voices 12)
They Educate (Voices 17)


Rhyland Jack

Exmouth Devon writes songs

Date With Royalty (Voices 18)


Rhodes, Jean

Nursing Home (25)

Rice, Evyn

A Wedding in the Irish Republic (29)

Richardson VP

Lost Leader (Voices 7)
Subsistance Level (Voices 7)
The Great Wind (Voices 8)
The Credibility Gap    (Voices 12)
Power Trio (Voices 13)

Richmond, Wendy

The Bourgeoisie (29)


Riley, Sylvia

Mother and Child (25)


Roberts Celia

(Common word) worked as a secretary before starting a full time course at technical college.

Aunty Daisy (Voices 16)
Gay News (Voices 17)

Rogers, Kim
is a member of Liverpool 8. She now has a second child.

A Letter to Jo - One Year After the Event (28)

Rogers, Nick

1983 Trade Union Annual (Review) (29)

Rogers, Olive
Liverpool   8,   is a part-time worker for the Federation of Worker Writers.

Editorial (27)
To the Unwritten Poem (28)


Rowe Mike

(Commonword) is a Manchester casemaker and active trade unionist. He has been banging away at a typewriter in his spare-time for several years, but made no attempt to find an outlet for his writing until hearing about Commonword at Manchester Trades Council. This piece (Them and Us) is taken from an attempted novel.

Jubilee     (Voices 15)
Them and Us (Voices 16)
Sticky Food and Starchy Grub (Voices 17)
Editorial   (Voices 19)
George the Bonesetter (Voices 20)
Football Pink (Voices 22)
Suits (31)


St Luce, Sylvia

Kids (24)


St Vincent Paul

Racial Prejudice Day (Voices 10)
A Slow Developer (Voices 11)
Summit      (Voices 12)
Philpot in the City (voices 13)
Lambchops in Training (Voices 13)
Hero (Voices 14)

Salveson, Paul
is an ex-railwayman and a keen photographer.

A Letter from Mrs Makant (A Railwayman Remembered) (29)


Salway John

Poetry and the Class Struggle (Voices 5)
Vigilante (Voices 5)
Self Made Man (Voices 5)
Exploitation (Voices 5)
Salt of the Earth (Voices 7)
Soldiers (Voices 8)
Savages (Voices 13)

Samson, Colin

Bye bye Fido (Letter) (30)


Scott Ian

Whose Road to Socialism? (Voices 12)


Sentinella Pat

Changing (Voices 5)
Fairy Tale Charter (Voices 7)
Warning to the Poet (Voices 7)
For My Daughter (Voices 8)
Island (Voices 12)
Bleached Grass (Voices 13)


Seyd Fred

Villanelle  (Voices 12)


Shane Barbara

Open Letter to the Arts Council (Voices 22)
Remembering Mary Casey (24)

Shaw Bev

Young black writer and artist. She was born and raised in West London. Her parents are Jamaican. "Awakening" poems and drawings by BS from Commonplace Workshop Hanwell London

No Fixed Abode (Voices 19)
Transformation (24)

Shaw, Marion

Lasting Impressions: Nottingham 82 (29)


Sheerin Joe

Child Watching (Voices 19)


Shrapnel Sue
is a member of the Write First Time Collective.

A Debt (Voices 17)
Michael Smith: Me cyaan believe it (30)


Simms Raymond

The Challenge (Voices 8)


Small John

Scotland Road Writers' Workshop Liverpool - works as a dustman for Liverpool Corporation

Saturday Night in the Higson's (Voices 18)
A Dead Dog Story (Voices 20)


Smith Barbara G

Struggle Identified (Voices 4)
Ressano Garcia (Voices 5)
Modern Magic (Voices 6)


Smith Bert

(Manchester) is a joiner by trade. He has long been a leading rank-and-file activist in the building trade and was recently elected full-time official. The poem reflects conditions on small non-union sites to the present day.

The Nons (Voices 15)


Smith Frank b1912

Married. Moulder by trade but has been groundsman and gardener for many years

Brown Eyes Such An Honest Stare (Voices 1)
What Gentle Saviour With Love In His Heart (Voices 1)
If Oo Could Oo Would (2)
On Coming on a Tramp (Voices 3)


Smith John

Sent without accompanying letter. Could be pseudonym. If "John Smith" reads this will he write to Ted Morrison, Secretary of the Unity of Arts Society, the publishers of Voices.

Beasts of Britain (Voices 3)
A Song of Piggy Banks (Voices 3)
Now I'll Sharpen My Pencil (Voices 4)


Smythe Joe

I Will Not Remember You When You're Dead (Voices 18)
When the Soldiers Came (Voices 19)
Smythe on History (Voices 20)
Court News (Voices 21)
Come Back, Jackie Brown (Voices 22)
Third Shunt (Voices 23)
Holy Jim's Prayer (Voices 23)
New Song for an Old Dead (25)

Sookias, Maria

Remedial Class (31)


Starrett Bob

Is a Glasgow shipyard painter currently spending a year working in Italy. As a cartoonist he appeared with Brian Mcgeoch and others in Jeff Perks' television film "Every Man a Special Kind of Artist"

Starrett on Italy (Voices 20)
The Buffer's Tale (Voices 23)
A Housepainter Remembers His Swinging London (24)
Penguin Book of Political Comics (27)
Glasgow (Review) (29)


Stead David

Is a miner's son and lives in Newcastle-on-Tyne

Pit Shift (Voices 20)


Stephens Keith

Young black writer living in the Hulme and Moss Side Area of Manchester

We Survive (Voices 19)


Strain Gerald

Brassfounders (Voices 22)
Whit'll Ye Dae? (26)


Stump Kenneth B

Midnight (Voices 6)


Sumal, Ranjit

Extract from Back Home (27)


Sutton Jean b1934

Married 5 children. Employed in works canteen. Would prefer to stay at home and write short stories and poetry. Regrets wasted schooldays at secondary modern school. Hates racial prejudice (1973)     

Pipe Dream (Voices 3)
Passing Through (Voices 4)
Feel the Need (Voices 4)
The Duttons of Martha Street (Voices 5)
Staunch True Comrade (Voices 6)
We came en masse  (Voices 6)
Grey Day (voices 11)
A Conversation (Voices 12)
The Stripper (Voices 13)
Susan (Voices 14)
A Woman's Work     (Voices 15)
Is She or Isn't She? (Voices 22)


Sweeney Lynford

Young black writer living in the Hulme and Moss Side Area of Manchester

Where I am Coming From (Voices 19)
Skindeep (Voices 19)


Tatford David

 You See Me Smiling? (Voices 5)
America (Voices 7)


Taverniti Georgio

(London) is a sculptor. This poem first appeared in the newspaper of the Palestine Liberation Army. Quneitra (pronounced Koo-nay-tra) is a Syrian city in the Golan Heights which was razed to the ground by the Israeli Armed Forces in order to prevent resettlement by the Arab population.

From "Palestinian Resistance"April 76 (Voices 12)
From Haifa to Die in Lebanon (Voices 13)
Quneitra    (Voices 15)


Taylor JB

Prefabrication (Voices 21)


Taylor, Len

If you can't manage the job (27)

Thomas, Anne
is a bus driver & a member of Bridgend CND.

Hope Chapel (28)

Thomas Frances b 1964

Used to live in Walmer Street, Rusholme which is being knocked down. Now lives in Wythenshawe. These words are exactly what she dictated to me in answer to the question, "What do you want this story to be about then?" I have not added or changed anything

Walmer Street (Voices 4)


Thomas Gareth b1952

Born in Essex. Numerous jobs, now working at the Morning Star. Recently started the London Communist Writers' Circle, which now has ten members. Admirer of Cervantes, Hemingway, Sartre. Ambition to see all cultural activities supported by the people, not the exclusive set' of 'privileged' charlatans who now monopolise the arts.

The Clothes Peg (Voices 5)
Traffic Lights (Voices 5)
Clean-up Job (Voices 4)


Thomas W Loyd

(Liverpool 8 Writers Workshop) is a black man, Jamaican born and a welder by trade

Richman, Poorman, Beggarman (Voices 18)


Thomson, Geddes
teaches English in a Glasgow comprehensive school. He was born in Ayrshire where his father was a farm-worker.

In Ayshire Now (25)
Traditional Scene (26)
The Shelter (28)
Rugby (29)
Dear Great Grandfather (30)

Townsend Steve

Signing On (Voices 21)


Tuckett Angela b1906

Married 3 step-children and 5 step-grandchildren. Became first woman solicitor in the west of England. Assistant Editor of the Labour Monthly many years, currently writing the official histories of the Blacksmiths' Union and the Shipwrights Society. Chairman of the County Womens Hockey association. NUT life member. Politically active? Of course. (1972)

Poem (Voices 1)
Rockabye Statesman (2)
The Living Seed (Voices 5)
In Praise of Cooks (Voices 5)
Put to Proof (Voices 3)
Joy and Pleasure (Voices 3)
Song (Voices 3)
June Days (Voices 12)


Turner Jean

To J Reid (Voices 14)

Tweedale, Bernadette

Natural Resources (Review) (29)
Letting Go (30)
Asylum (Review) (30)


Usherwood, Vivien

The Sun Glitters As You Look Up (24)
Rich Men & Poor Men (24)

Verran, Liz
lives in Gillingham, Kent. She works as a secretary to a trade union official.

To Catch the Post (31)

Wales E    

It's all Your Fault (Voices 5)


Walker FG b 1925

Checker, warehouseman with firm of beer distributors (Bass Charrington) for 32 years. Shop steward. Took O levels and A levels in English through correspondence course. Hates inequality, abhors cruelty to animals. Still plays football. Cycles 12 miles daily to and from work. Writes detective stories and has had several published (1973)

Pseudonym (Voices 6)
A Meeting in the Night (2)
Cupid (Voices 3)


Walker Tommy

Stoke on Trent. Is a joiner turned UCATT organiser

Chile and the Scots (Voices 17)
The Subby (Voices 19)

Walsh, Bel

Addicted (31)

Walsh, John
comes from Runcorn.

Quattra Doom (28)
Just My Size (29)
The Lodge Lane Wood War (30)
Bus Stop (31)


Warburton, Iris

Freedom (24)
Cranes (26)


Ward Jim

(London VOICES) is a retired rail wayman who now spends much of his time researching industrial folk-songs.

Who are the English? (Voices 18)


Ward Bert

London Voices Group - is an ex-seaman who now teaches at a technical college in SE London.

The Hunt for the Bismarck (Voices 13)
Fixing a Tot for Seaman Telford (Voices 14)
The Workers Road to Hell....(Voices 15)
For Humanity's Sake (Voices 18)
The Gravediggers (Voices 22)
I Don't Buy South African (Voices 23)

Ward, Sarah

The Mermaids (30)


Warrior Mark

Canadian Worker Writer

Quitting Time (voices 21)


Watts Bridie

Alan  (Voices 12)


Weaver, Michael

Michael's Story pt 1 (24)
Michael's Story pt 2 (25)
Michael's Story pt 3 (26)
Michael's Story pt 4 (27)


Weaver, Molly

Michael's Story (Introduction) (24)


Weller Linda b1945

Letter From Father to Daughter (Voices 18)


Whitfield Tony

Modern Poetry, Eliot and The working Class (Voices 6)
Far From My Window (Voices 6)
Poem (Voices 9)


Whitfield Wendy

For a Fine Comrade (Voices 12)
A Silent Man Disguised as a Comrade   (Voices 13)
A Poem for my Sister (Voices 16)
Editorial   (Voices 23)
Voices in Decline (28)

Whitelaw, Keith
comes from Liverpool.

Old Sailor Boys (28)


Whitmore Donald

(Common word Writers' Workshop, Manchester) is retired

Blubber (Voices 18)

Wildin, Phil

is an ex-steel worker.

Heat (28)
When (28)


Wiles Maurice b1898

Ex-teacher, Badly educated: understands Greek but not differential Calculus. Favourite authors: G.B. Shaw, F. Engels, Bernal, Keats, Thomas Hardy (poems) Lucretius. Hobby: cultiver le jardin.

Random Thoughts of a Telefan (Voices 4)
Points of View (Voices 5)


Wilkinson Greg

First Thing (Voices 14)

Williams, Bronwen

Belfast (30)


Williams, Caroline

Angela (27)

Williams, Di
is a member of Womanswrite, a Commonword Workshop.

The Highest Common Factor (Editorial) (29)
Rego and Polikoff Strike Songs (Review) (30)


Williams Kitty

Night Shift (Voices 23)
Ethel (26)

Willey, Kin

The Engine Room (2)

Wilmot J   

The Drunk (Voices 5)


Winchester, Sylvia

Haiku (25)

Wingate, Steve
is a member of Heeley Writers. He used to work in a home for the mentally handicapped.

Inside the Greenhouse (29)

Withers, Jack
left school at 14 and has worked in a garage, as an electrician, youth worker and librarian. He is active in the Peace Movement.

Out of Kilter (28)


Wolfenden Pauline

Hours For Sale    (Voices 22)


Worpole Ken

(Hackney Writers' Workshop) is a full-time worker for Centreprise Bookshop, Hackney.

writer and environmentalist. Ken Worpole is one of Britain's most influential writers on architecture, landscape and urban social policy issues, and the author of many seminal reports and books. He has lectured and worked extensively in Europe, Australia and North America. In 1999 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Middlesex University.
His work concerns the quality of contemporary urban life, and he has worked with the think-tanks, Comedia & Demos, on new forms of civil society, notably on the planning and design of urban landscapes, the renewal of public institutions – notably parks, public libraries, hospices and cemeteries – as well as the pleasures of life in the open air.
He used to work at Centreprise in Hackney and has been involved in publishing a lot of working class history and autobiography. He is treasurer of the Federation of Worker Writers.        

Song of Warning for William Morris (Voices 18)
A Formula for Sleep (25)
Burning Dead Leaves (25)
There Have Been Worker Writers Before (29)
The Old Country (31)

Wyatt Malcolm

Mass Production (12)


Young, Howard

Hiding Out  (27)